Ibaraki no keshin


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Pocket hanky for your EDC.

Reproduction of ukiyo-e style triptych “Ibaraki no keshin” by Utagawa Kuniyoshi (1798–1861) from Edo period.

Illustration for the Japanese folklore story “Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari” – “The Tale of the Great Jiraiya” or “The Ballad of the Heroic Jiraiya”. Its main character was the heir of a powerful clan on the island of Kyushu. With the clan in ruins, Jiraiya came to Echigo Province (today Niigata Prefecture) where he became a wakō (pirate). Years later, he rose to the position of leader of the robbers. An immortal living on Mount Myōkō (Myōkō-san; also called Echigofuji) taught Jiraiya frog magic. However, this did not help him defeat his hated enemy, the man who led his clan to ruin – an old man named Sarashina.

Two layers of cotton.
Dimensions approx.: 14,4 x 28 cm.

Handmade in Poland.


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